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 What is Blue Cruise?
The Blue Voyage is a cruise experience on one of the traditional wooden gulets or modern motoryachts  along the cleanest waters in the world between Bodrum and Antalya, and also the best way to spend your holiday in Turkey.
Ancient cities such as Knidos, Caunos, Myra, Xhantos, Olympos and many others are there for your exploration or everyday a new cove or a new bay to be discovered.
Endless natural beauty and history  are enjoyed whilst cruising along the Aegean and the Mediterranean coast.

Sungulets  offers you to make your selection in one of our itineraries either on a private gulet charter with your friends or hire a cabin in one of our gulets and enjoy your holiday with the other guests.
As Sungulets, we will be very pleased to be at your service for your holiday plans in the turqouise waters of Turkey.

Have a good vacation...


What is Gulet?
This is a yacht type that served in Aegean and Mediterranean shores in shipping, sponge diving, and fishing for hundreds of years, and has been aimed at cruising after 1960s following experiences of  Blue Voyage in the region.
Generally yachts are designed as;
Tirhandil: Yacht’s stern is the same as its bow. They are aesthetichally very beautiful but narrower in the back in comparison with other types.
Ketch: These yachts look like the back is just cut in the middle, containing bigger living areas due to their volume.
Gulet: These yachts provide the largest area for living and enjoying. They cannot make any speed but in return with their traditional styles, they are more comfortable. Mostly they are built out of pine, chestnut, mahogany and teak trees. In last years they are even built of lamination or steel. The ones that are suitable for blue voyages are between 15 and 50 meters. Recently these yachts provide luxury hotel comfort, going hand in hand with the improvements in yachting industry. They are extremely enjoyable yachts ideal for sailing, as a result of technical improvements in latest years.
The things you should know before reservation:

»Firstly you should determine the number of your group, and its combination (couples, singles and children) and inform us.
»It is the best when you know your exact dates of chartering in terms of pricing. Generally you should plan your trip for embarkation and disembarkation on Saturdays. Especially in high season July and August, you may not find boats to rent under 7 days. However you can still inform us for your special requirements.
»It may help us if you determine your budget, so we can give you suitable alternatives faster.
»If you like to go on a certain itinerary, or spots that you like to visit.
»Your interests like sailing, cultural trips or relaxing, will give us an idea for a better  itinerary planning.
The things you should have with you:

»A camera for unforgettable moments
»Swimsuits: Most of the time you will be wearing them (at least two sets), cover ups or shorts to go with them. 
»Books: In most of the yachts, there are several books in different languages and some guide books. Nevertheless, you may bring a couple of your favourite books.
»Insect repellents for some areas.
»A couple of long sleeve pullovers for cooler summer evenings.
»Allergy medication if you need any.
»A set of beach towels.
»Soft sole shoes to use on deck or flip flops.
»If you have any Turkish guests, they need green passports or Schengen visa for Greece entries.                                                     »Sun lotion suitable for your skin.

 How to spend time on yachts?
Trekking: You may explore incredible nature in unique bays of the world. For your own safety,  it is the best if you inform the crew before leaving the boat.
Archeology: If you are keen on archeology, you will be very lucky. On every blue voyage itinerary there are many archeological sites expecting your visit. If you inform the agent or the captain, they will assist you in organizing the itinerary and your visits.


Water sports: You can experience priceless adrenalin on waterski, jetski, ringo and banana, provided generally by luxury and deluxe yachts. The cost varies in some of the boats; either payment only for the fuel or payment by the time you use them. If your yacht does not have these facilities, you may still inform the captain and he will contact the nearest watersports center so you can enjoy these activities at a certain cost. In some bays and areas, waterports are forbidden due to security reasons.

Canoe and Windsurf: Many of the yachts have these equipments. You can inform the crew if you wish to enjoy them. We advise you not to go too far than plain sight. Please inform the crew if you would act otherwise.
Sailing: Currently all of the yachts open sails as long as the weather conditions allow. You will enjoy this activity at least once or even more than once during your trip.
Rafting: Our guests who follow the itinerary of Fethiye-Marmaris can enjoy the rafting activity in Dalaman stream.

Para-sailing: If your itinerary is on Fethiye-Marmaris or Fethiye-Kekova route, you can get the chance of bird eye viewing of the worldwide famous Oludeniz beach from Babadag mountain (2000 meters), and parachute from there.

Diving: If you reserve beforehand, you may attend daily diving activity at reasonable costs, through our diving agents on the itinerary.

Fishing: Every yacht has one or more fishing gears on board. Good luck!
Playing cards and Backgammon: Amazing and exciting matches are waiting for you.
Books: There are lots of books and guides on yachts. However we advise our guests to take your own books during the vacation.
Or apart from these, you may surrender your body to Mediterranean sun, have your holiday that will live in your memories forever, doing nothing and thinking nothing, leaving all your concerns behind and purifıying your soul.

 What are the General Conditions?

The services including the price:
»Yacht rental fee
»Captain, crew and service
»Bed sheets and towels
»Fuel fee which is needed for up to 3-4 hours a day for cruising (not for motor-yachts)
»Water for daily use
»Port fees at Turkish coasts


The services excluding the price:
»Food and drinks, supermarket shopping costs (please to get information for menus and shopping services)
»Watersports that use the outboard dinghy on board
»Port fees in private marinas
»Harbour formalities costs and all port fees in Greek waters
»All fuel costs for motoryachts (we will inform you for estimated costs)
»Schengen visa (needed for Turkish guests in Greek Island visits)


»Our yachts have third parties financial resonsibility insurance. However we advise our guests to have personal travel insurance
The things you should consider:
»Since water supplies and energy production is limited on board, please remember switching them off when you are done.
»Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the boat and in cabins.
»Please do not throw toilet paper into the WC’s on board. Otherwise you may cause problems that will last long and difficult to solve.
»You should not leave the yacht for a long time without informing the captain.
»The captains may change meal times, itineraries or bays due to weather conditions. You must remember your safety is the first thing at sea.
»You should not go into  the sea before captain stops the engines.
»The guests cannot use the speedboat, only captain or crew can use them.
»On board you should watch out for deck and stairs. You may slip if your feet are wet.
»Please check your belongings in your cabin before leaving the yacht.


Distances to the airport:
»Milas-Bodrum Airport / Bodrum; 30mins
»Dalaman Airport / Göcek; 20mins
»Dalaman Airport / Marmaris; 1hrs 30mins
»Dalaman Airport / Fethiye; 1hrs
»Milas-Bodrum Airport / Marmaris; 2hrs
»Antalya Airport / Antalya; 30mins


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