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Bodrum is a picturesque town on the southwest aegean coast of Turkey. The Mediterranean style white houses with purple bougainvilleas and the massive Castle of the Knights of Saint John attracts the visitors. The city was called Halicarnassus in the ancient times and was housing the Mausoleum which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
In these days Bodrum is also very famous with its traditional wooden type of Gulets built locally in the shipyards. The Blue Voyage on a Gulet is a great chance of having an unforgettable summer holiday along the coast of the Aegean and the Mediterranean.
Shopping around the town is a very pleasant way of spending the day and the nightlife of Bodrum is lively with its bars, discos and restaurants bringing people together.
A beautiful swimming and dining place surrounded with crystal clear blue waters.
The island in the south of Bodrum is covered with pine trees on the hills. The island is also popular with its cave which has a natural hot water spring and a well healing mud for skin diseases.
This is a small fisherman village with a few restaurants where you can have a chance to eat fresh fish or just to have a nice stop and take a pleasant walk on the beach.            
This bay has got some of the ruins from Bzyantine times and is very suitable for anchorage and beach walking.
Excellent anchorground and still quite inaccessible from land.
It is a village near Çökertme which has a nice beach with a natural atmosphere and  a lot of small fish restaurants.
One of the far end bays of  Gokova gulf. Beautiful scenery and a nice stop for shopping and dinner in one of the restaurants.
Another paradiselike bay; sheltered with huge pine forests, you may enjoy a walk in the forest. The beach is perfect for anchorage and still quite inaccessible from land.
It offers a good shelter and incredible landscapes with its green forests and blue sea. The name English Harbour comes from British submarines hiding and sheltering for a few months in this cove during World War II. A little mermaid is sitting on a rock at  the entrance of the Okluk Bay which has been placed by Sadun Boro the famous Turkish traveler.
SEDİR ( Kleopatra ) ISLAND 
The island is like an open air museum with its unique beach, sand and crystal clear waters. There is a small amphitheater, small buildings with domed roofs,
cisterns. It is said that the sand of Cleopatra Beach was brought by Antonious for Cleopatra . It is also forbidden to remove its special sand from the island.
It looks very nice from high slopes and especially at sunset. It is one of the most beautiful bay of Gökova Golf.
Camaltı Bay, Bekar Liman (Gökagac Bükü), Karaagac limanı, Uzun liman, Babuş Bükü and Göllü Ada are the most important anchorage point places of Yediadalar Region.
There are two Çatı bays which are called Big and Small. There are perfect coves that you can visit and enjoy swimming the next day early in the morning.
The bay is one of the several excellent anchorage places in the area and also surrounded by pine forest. Also you could find liquidambar orientalis trees ( oriental sweetgum ) at the south shores of Gökova Gulf.
ROUTE PLAN: Our plan may vary according to the sea conditions and weather forecast and with guests general requests and preferences and it can be changed  on route for our guests comfort and safety. The above places have been given as an information to help for your route planning.


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